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fish sure are salty...

2011-02-07 19:43:41 by iamrllyhawt

MM, AH. yes, i do believe i have figured it out. the"Life and Times of Ajax and Tommynogoodilovechicken" revolves around the main character, Ajax, trying to find out why tommy likes chicken so much. it is later discovered that his love for chicken, particularly the kind that is dipped in relish and perserved in a heavy layer of salt and fish oil, results from his childhood scars where his father would punish him for the miss use of various appliances. tommy would often find him self rapidly mutating, causing his arms to grow excessive lengths at a time. at one point his arms stretched over four feet long, making appliance use rather tedious. his 3 foot tall father, jealous of his son's extremely long arms would beat him if he did his chores too slowly. the hardest time tommy was beaten, his father used a chicken wing that he had earlier found in the garbage and had lightly urinated on it for an extra "splash" of flavour. tommy was truly traumatized and later would only eat chicken, resulting in his name, Tommynogoodilovechicken. Ajax was his only true friend, and was happy to urinate on his chicken, should he ever require it.


you know trilobites like greeting eachother, and when they do, they like rubbing their tentacles together. what trilobite wouldn't want clean, sleek tentacles for this practice? that's why all trilobites should buy Tentacle Oil, for clean, sexy, and healthy tentacles.

fish sure are salty...


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