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Entry #8

ooh! font effects.

2011-07-03 00:57:46 by iamrllyhawt

kieth, have you seen my mule?

i think i left it at the ranch to finish eating.



so... if i stuff these apples up my rectum i'll turn into solid gold? AWESOME.

yes, now there are some side effects- i throroughly test all my produce!

what? like zits and stuff? i got like a zillion of those, doc.

no.. not like that..

spit it out, doc, my mom wants me to pick up my sister soon.

well, you see.. some patients suffer from light rashes, maybe even some irritating boils before the gold takes effect. but others, well, they..

i got a freind with 3 legs and a disfunctional nasal pasage that causes him to spray flem when he speaks. you can't freak me out, doc. not even with godzilla, ok?

they turn into satan, steven, satan.

they what?


haha! sweet, i'm giving this to my sister! :D wait it wouldn't have an effect on my sister... :\

oh god, steven.


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